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Hurricane Reinforcement

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It officially begins on June 1 st and ends on November 30th of each year.

It’s hurricane season and should never be taken lightly. It only takes one storm to cause damage that may take months to fix. When severe weather comes, it’s essential that a structure’s windows and doors be able to withstand high winds and extreme pressure changes, so that people are protected and the damage is minimized. Hurricane-force winds are a real threat, from inland tornado-prone areas to windborne debris regions such as ours here in Central Florida.

Your garage door is probably the largest opening in your house and needs to be protected, especially older doors installed before more stringent building codes went into effect.

Preparing yourself and reinforcing this weak spot is always a good idea. If the garage door is blown open, wind enters your home. Once that happens, the damage can be severe, including having the roof ripped off. You have several options to reduce this potential hazard. These range from replacing the door with a newer one designed to withstand winds up to 110 mph to reinforcing the panels.


  • What is a hurricane-rated Garage Door?
  • Does my Garage Door meet current building codes?
  • Garage Door Replacement vs. Garage Door Reinforcement?
  • What WindCode rating is required for my home?
  • Can I replace or reinforce my Garage Door myself?

You have questions and ASAP Garage Doors and Service has your answers. ASAP also offers a wide selection of commercial hurricane-proof garage doors for Florida business owners. Just as you want to protect your home from the elements, you also want to protect your business — including people, equipment, and inventory.

When you choose a hurricane-rated garage door for your business, you get a product that can stand up to strong winds, heavy rains and the other weather challenges faced here in Florida. You may find that a hurricane garage door for your business helps you obtain more favorable insurance rates, too. Either way, you save when you choose commercial hurricane-proof garage doors from ASAP Garage Doors and Service.

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