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Garage Door Openers

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Even the best maintained garage door opening systems are subject to wear and tear over the years.

Chances are that your garage door will be with you a long time unless someone drives through it or you experience some type of natural disaster that will require you replacing it. This is not the case with garage door openers. Even the best-maintained garage door opening systems are subject to wear and tear over the years. Estimates on longevity are based around usage, but most experts believe the average garage door should last between 15–30 years, depending on construction quality, maintenance, and local climate conditions. Automatic garage door openers normally provide 10–15 years of reliable service.

Maximizing garage door longevity includes regularly cleaning and lubricating critical parts. About every 3–6 months, it is important to apply a light coat of lubricant to door springs, hinges, and rollers. A common penetrating oil or spray graphite compound will work well, but heavy oils tend to accumulate more dirt and grime.

But when you’ve done all you can do and it’s replacement time you need to call the experts here at ASAP! Whether it’s a basic garage door system, an automatic system, a two-car system, residential or commercial the best place to buy a quality garage door opener is from an expert who installs them. ASAP Garage Doors and Service carries all the top names and can have them installed the next day. Have more questions? Call now for a consultation.

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